Who should enroll?

Perfect for those with ideas but unsure where to start, as well as professionals, targetings the managers' career track in startups. No business knowledge is needed; we provide all the guidance and information you need. Over three months and 32 hours, you'll attend weekly Sunday sessions via Google Meet, receive a project budget, and enjoy free one-on-one consultations. The course includes an initial meeting to plan our journey and a final review to assess your progress. Learn essential business skills through practical examples and case studies from our entrepreneurial experience.

Why us?

We merged the coaching practice of the Bulgaria's National Teams in Informatics with our decades-long experience in entrepreneurship, nurturing entrepreneurs through rigorous problem-solving and competition. Inspired by the teams' values, we instill analytical thinking, enhance problem-solving, and cultivate a competitive spirit essential for success. Our immersive environment mirrors national teams preparation, fostering teamwork, communication, adaptability, and leadership skills. With a blend of intellectual rigor and entrepreneurial spirit, our program empowers individuals to excel in business, tackling challenges and achieving remarkable success.

What is included?

  • 7 Modules: "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship", "Finance", "Investments", "Team Building", "Motivation and Leadership", "Branding", "Corporate Security"
  • Exam
  • 10 hours of consulting for your business
  • 1 hour consultation on the topic of "Corporate security"
  • 1 hour consultation with a lawyer, designer, accountant and marketing expert
  • And much more...

In search for team members for your Start-Up? We can help!

Our vast network, built over decades, offers our clients access to top-tier talent and strategic partnerships, ensuring you have the resources needed for growth and innovation.

Contact Us

Hristian Bachkov

Graduate from S³ Academy

S³ Team gives you the solutions for the problems each start-up faces during their lifecycle. It allows and teaches you to make business using novel ways.


Georgi Popov

Graduate from S³ Academy

The academy gave me new perspectives to see the World.


Gergana Slavova

Graduate from S³ Academy

Education, which gives you the fundamentals and can eject you in the skies!


Petko Stanislavov

Graduate from S³ Academy

As part of the Academy can for sure tell you that the program prepares you to face the reality, gives you the proper way of thinking and the resources you receive from the team are priceless...


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